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Put the wrong fuel in your car?

Don’t start the car – you could damage it. Call us now on 01356 623831.

Car fuel drain service

It can happen to the best of us: putting petrol into a diesel car, or vice versa, is surprisingly common. You’re in good company – around 150,000 drivers a year do exactly the same thing.

So when it happens, our fuel drain service is on hand to sort the problem.

Whatever you do, don’t try to start the car – you’ll pump fuel towards the engine, which could damage it. Give us a call and sit tight.

  • Our Fuel drain service can help with both petrol-in-diesel and diesel-in-petrol situations.
  • We’ll drain and replenish your fuel system at our workshop and get you on your way.
  • We aim to get you back on the road within two hours.

01356 623831

Give us a call – we'll help you out. Lines open 24/7.


Forecourt rescue

Call us as soon as you realise your mistake ‒ ideally while you’re still at the petrol station, and before you turn the key.

Our technicians will come and collect your vehicle and take you all back to our premises.